A protein powder unlike any other.

As a Holistic Nutritionist and Celebrity Health Coach I searched high and low for a clean, minimal ingredient, high-quality protein powder to use myself and to recommend to clients. I could never find quite what I was looking for so I created my own!

A Clean Process

What is grass-fed beef isolate?

Clean protein starts at the source. Our protein powder is made from flesh covered bones, joints, and tendons of grass-fed and grass-finished cattle in Sweden. We use a chemical free extraction process that provides your body with all of your essential amino acids and an abundant amount of naturally occurring collagen and gelatin. This also allows us to control our source and manufacturing so you don’t have to worry about added hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, or common allergens including dairy.

Grass-fed beef isolate is made much like bone broth but is a complete protein including all essential amino acids. It’s highly bioavailable and contains all the amino acids your body needs, including branch chain amino acids important for muscle synthesis as well as collagen amino acids. Collagen amino acids like glycine are important for everything from skin health to the growing and developing body of a pregnant woman. 

This simple but high quality source will provide you with all the amino acids you need to feel fueled, satisfied, and nourished no matter what phase of life you’re in.

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