Changing the Baby Food Industry for the Better with Joe & Serenity Carr from Serenity Kids #FabulousFriends



After healing their own health problems by eliminating sugars and processed foods from their diets, Serenity and Joe Carr set out to change the baby food industry — and they have. They found that there was a hole in the market and that availability of healthy baby food didn’t exist. This led to the co-founding of family-owned and operated Serenity Kids. So many baby foods are deficient in protein while being packed with processed sugars and grains, and lacking in brain-healthy fat, but Serenity Kids isn’t one of them. We explore their personal health stories, how they stumbled upon the formulation for their baby food.

You will learn about...

  • (01:52) How Joe & Serenity’s journey started

  • (13:20) Starting a paleo diet

  • (16:28) The nutritional factors of mothers milk

  • (23:52) The importance of fat in baby food

  • (35:50) Launching the brand

  • (39:11) Production issues

  • (52:51) The problems in our market and food sources

  • (58:21) The Clean Label Project


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