Cooking Tips That Anyone Needs to Know with Pamela Salzman #FabulousFriends



I first heard of Pamela Salzman through her cooking class. Today she’s the author of Kitchen Matters and Quicker Than Quick, but she used to teach a super-elite class where she has brought people from not knowing the first thing about cooking to being able to share elaborate healthy recipes online. She is the chef behind the chef.

You will learn about...

  • (02:19) What are the cooking techniques any new chef needs to know?

  • (04:14) What is the most important thing for a home chef to learn how to do?

  • (11:46) The convection oven setting

  • (18:41) Which knife you should get

  • (20:46) Techniques for cooking proteins

  • (27:08) Making a meal plan

  • (36:28) Some of Pamela’s favorite recipes

  • (45:20) Tips for taking care of your family

  • (52:33) Cleaning your greens

  • (54:55) How quarantine is changing the way we’re cooking

  • (58:01) A day in the life of Pamela


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