Hashimoto’s: Healing Through Food or Full Remission on a Grain-Free Diet with Laurel Gallucci #FabulousFriends



Laurel Gallucci is the founder of the very popular grain-free bakery Sweet Laurel Bakery (everything they make is delicious and worth every bite, by the way). She is also the author of the Sweet Laurel cookbook which shares all the recipes from her bakery, and she’s set to come out with a savory cookbook next. 

Sweet Laurel isn’t just a name—she is truly one of the sweetest people I know! After going grain-free on an autoimmune protocol paleo diet, Laurel completely reversed her Hashimoto’s disease, is now in remission, and no longer has to take synthetic hormones. With the number of people out there being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, I really need more people to hear her story.

You will learn about...

  • (03:45) Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s

  • (11:25) Working with a functional medicine doctor and going grain-free

  • (18:41) Finding grain-free foods

  • (20:54) The five core ingredients for grain-free cooking

  • (26:48) Laurel’s two most popular recipes

  • (33:01) Nourishing yourself for self-care


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