Keeping Your Home Joy-Filled & Clutter-Free with Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral

Jen Robin, founder of home organization service, Life in Jeneral, shares the main facets of keeping your home clutter-free and focusing on what matters most.

Jen Robin is Founder & CEO of both Life in Jeneral and LIJ Spaces. Life in Jeneral is a full-service organizational design company, while LIJ Spaces offers custom cabinetry lines designed from the unique viewpoint of a professional home organizer.

Jen has always loved organizing and creating systems. She started out as a celebrity executive assistant, where she mastered the art of to-do lists, time management, and efficient systems. In the process, she realized that organizing truly was about transforming lives for the better. Over the years, Jen has successfully evolved Life in Jeneral into a holistic home transformation company.

Her new book, Life in Jeneral: A Joyful Guide to Organizing Your Home and Creating the Space for What Matters Most, reveals an empathetic and emotional approach to decluttering. Let Jen inspire you to let go of what’s cluttering up your life, and remind you to hold on to the most important things: the people you care about.