Navigating Parenting’s Biggest Questions with Dr. Kelly Fradin



Pediatrician, mom, and wellness advocate Dr. Kelly Fradin advises us on dealing with children’s chronic health conditions and raising kids through a pandemic.

Dr. Kelly Fradin's sound, evidence-based advice during the high tide of the pandemic helped countless people shut out the external noise and focus on the essentials of parenting during a crisis. 

As someone on the frontlines, professionally as a pediatrician and personally as a mother, her perspective straddles the perfect balance of academia and intuition. In this episode, we reflect on the physical and emotional milestones during a child's early years and how to navigate the new normal. From schooling to immunity, Dr. Kelly breaks it down so you can go back to feeling empowered as a parent.

Show Notes:

  • After experiencing childhood cancer, Dr. Fradin knew she wanted to pursue a career in medicine

  • Parents know their kids best, and Dr. Fradin takes an approach of working with parents to understand patients' lifestyles as well as health challenges

  • Before a pediatric appointment, come prepared with questions and your goal for the appointment and make sure to prioritize those questions in the beginning of your appointment slot

  • Doctor check ins for little ones are helpful for discussing developmental milestones and what ranges exist for different ages

  • Dr. Fradin wrote "Parenting in a Pandemic" to guide parents through understanding the info in the news, having conversations with children, and how to make decisions for the family and avoid decision fatigue

  • To encourage a healthy immune system in children prioritize sleep for them, feed a variety of healthy, colorful foods, try using a humidifier at nighttime, and consider supplementing Vitamin D and Zinc

  • Dr. Fradin's upcoming book "Advanced Parenting" will dive into issues potentially facing parents of children with serious or chronic issues

  • With a full time job, a book deal, and small children, Dr. Fradin prioritizes quality time with her children and tries to minimize distractions like work or phones around her kids


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