Measuring Success in Happiness with Stevie and Sazan Hendrix #FabulousFriends



Stevie and Sazan Hendrix are the cutest couple! Right out of college, Sazan ran a blog for fun and started putting all of her energy into it without even knowing you could make money off of a blog. When she realized all the success others were having with their blog, she knew that she could make a living off of it too. They started reaching out to small businesses and created partnerships that quickly made more than they were making at their day jobs. They share how you really can have it all by prioritizing your success and your family, and the importance of knowing what your true goal is!

You will learn about...

  • How Stevie and Sazan started their business and blog

  • How they invested in their business and brand

  • Having financial success and happiness

  • How to prioritize your family

  • The importance of a wellness-based routine

  • Looking forward to baby #2


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