Supporting Children’s Neural Development with Dr. Marion Van Horn



Dr. Marion Van Horn is a Research Associate at the Montreal Neurological Institute whose work focuses on brain development, developmental plasticity, and synaptic pruning. She is also a mom of three, and as a mom, she has some amazing techniques for supporting your kids’ brain development. We also dive into how we can protect ourselves and our families from COVID-19.

You will learn about...

  • What Dr. Marion researches in her lab

  • What neuroplasticity is and how to support it within children

  • The importance of play for kids

  • The benefits of lowering expectations

  • How much time we need to spend outside

  • Getting enough sleep and sticking to a routine

  • Improving synaptic pruning

  • The role of nutrition in cognitive development

  • How we can support ourselves against COVID-19 during pregnancy


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