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Intro everything is a chemical but these endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC’s) block, dock, and interfere with normal hormone function in the body at very low levels. Thankfully, 
by avoiding these toxic chemicals and allowing the body to detoxify naturally you can drastically lower your body burden 
in just a few days. Use the below list to decrease exposure in your home.

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Kelly’s Vitamin Guide: The Art of Simple Supplementation

My Vitamin Guide is ready for you! Including vitamin supplements into your routine can help fill in the gaps, as well as maintain and strengthen your immune system year-round. My mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to be your healthiest and feel your best, and this guide is another addition to your health toolbox. No one supplement in this guide will be your magic bullet to health. However, in combination with a balanced and healthy lifestyle, it will add to your health, help you defend against illness, and keep you feeling well. Ready to get started? Download your guide today! Did I mention it just got an update? (Dec 2021)

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Black Friday Basics

It's tempting to buy, buy, buy on Black Friday, but sometimes you end up overspending on things you don't really need. On the other hand, it can be a really great way to save on the stuff you always use so I am scratching the sale itch by stocking up on all of my favorite self-stable, pantry, beauty and home essentials. Here is a shortlist of sales I am taking advantage of this weekend: Primal Kitchen: We go through bottles of their Ranch, ketchup, Hawaiian barbeque, mayo, avocado oil, pizza sauce, and buffalo sauce so I am stocking up using the subscription model. I loaded my cart with 6 bottles; 2 ketchup, 2 Ranch, 1 mayo and, 1 BBQ per...

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The Ultimate 2021 Gift Guide

If it’s trendy I’ll find an affordable option, if it’s timeless I’ll consider it, but if it’s for my health…I am all in! FASHION: I am a huge fan of basic staples, meaningful jewelry, and a fun style that lets my personality shine through.  ByChari Initial Necklace is a meaningful way to hold your family close to your heart! My best friend Angela gifted me this piece (with an S and a T) for my birthday, and I haven’t taken it off since July. (20% off right now)  Sneakers are a real thing right now, I just can’t get behind paying $600 bucks for a beat-up pair with flare, but these Good Vibe Soludos are on my list!  I invest...

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My Guide to Thanksgiving and Fall Meals

This page contains affiliate links and are asterisked as they appear.Cue the crunchy leaves, short days, and pumpkin EVERYTHING, it’s fall and I for one am here for it. As the days get a little cooler - well, here in SoCal it’s still slightly on the warm side - I think we need warm meals to get us through. Whether you're with family or friends this fall, here is my guide to keeping all your meals delicious and Fab 4.  First things first, I’m a smoothie girl so I think it's a good idea to start with smoothies, especially ones that fit the season. Here are two of my current favorites:  My Caramel Apple Pie Smoothie lets you start your...

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