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Finding Alignment in Your Body with Lauren Roxburgh #FabulousFriends

LISTEN ON: APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Lauren Roxburgh is an international bestselling author, speaker, and wellness educator who’s often dubbed “the body whisperer.” She’s the founder of the Aligned Life Studio, the Aligned Tribe community, and the Aligned Healing Tools. As we start to put our bodies back into alignment, we start making better choices. She shares all about the fascia and the importance of listening to it, why some call it our sensory organ, and how many aspects of our lives it flows into.You will learn about... Listening to our fascia The way trauma gets stuck in our bodies Identifying your own misalignments The biggest problem areas for women’s alignment and how to correct them How to use foam rollers effectively...

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Being a Food Detective to Find Out What’s in What We Eat with Vani Hari #FabulousFriends

LISTEN ON: APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Vani Hari is basically the food version of Carmen Sandiego. She’s like a detective, going after all the big food businesses and pulling back the curtain to show people what’s actually going into their food and informing them in order to rally around making change. We need more people like her in the world, because if we don’t start fighting back on what’s in our food, nobody else is going to do it for us. We talk about what inspired her to start her blog Food Babe, what you need to know about your foods, and how you can get your kids eating healthy.You will learn about... How Vani’s childhood inspired her to start Food Babe...

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Cleaning Up the Pharmaceutical Industry with David Johnson #FabulousFriends

LISTEN ON: APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY David Johnson is the co-founder of Genexa, a clean medicine company. When him and his co-founder had kids, they began to look at the medicine world and wondered why nearly all of the ingredients used out there weren’t necessary. They set out to find out if there was a way to make the pharmaceutical industry and medicine cleaner. David shares the story that led to the founding of the company, where they got started, and some of the difficulties that come with cleaning up certain products.You will learn about... The unnecessary ingredients in medicine Cleaning up homeopathy Fixing the over-the-counter medicine industry The problem with most preservatives Putting people over everything else Making products for adults...

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Intentionally Building the Life You Love with Kelsey Murphy #FabulousFriends

LISTEN ON: APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Being an entrepreneur, it can sometimes feel like you’re all alone until you start networking and putting yourself out there and then you realize that entrepreneurs are everywhere. Even within that world, though, there are so many personalities. Kelsey Murphy knew that she wanted to be surrounded by like-minded people and that doing so would help everyone grow. So she started a mastermind where she hand-picked participants, and now her specialty is bringing people together to grow their businesses successfully. Today, she’s going to walk us through turning your passion—and your zone of genius—into a business you love and that perfectly matches your lifestyle goals.You will learn about... Imagining your perfect day Hacks for getting your...

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How Bee Products Play a Role in Our Health + How to Protect Them with Carly Stein #FabulousFriends

LISTEN ON: APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Carly Stein is the founder of Beekeeper’s Naturals. She shares the story of how propolis helped her and her immune system when antibiotics weren’t working and her body was inflamed and under attack. It’s a beautiful story of finding healing and taking action, ultimately using that knowledge to build a company that also helps others. She takes us back to bee school by teaching us all about the byproducts of bees, how to produce them, and the role they play in bettering our health. You will learn about... How Carly used propolis to help treat her tonsillitis Why it’s so hard to find or make organic bee products Bee 101: the different byproducts of bees and...

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