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Keeping Your Immune System Healthy and Strong All Year Long

Every so often we all need a bit of an immune boost, but a strong and healthy immune system is something you can work towards all year long. There are some very simple habits you can practice every day to keep your immune system working well.  Your immune system is made up of cells throughout your body and works to protect you from viruses and bacteria, as well as from everyday dangers like too much sun or environmental pollutants. For the most part, if you take care of it, it will take care of you. Here are a few simple lifestyle habits that can keep your immune system in top shape, as well as ways to boost it when you...

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Why Getting Enough Sleep Is Just the First Step

Sleep is so beneficial for health - it’s been proven to reduce your risk of many chronic diseases and improve cognitive function. You probably already know the amount of sleep experts recommend (I recommend at least 7), but I’d argue that you should focus on quality of sleep just as much as quantity. Setting yourself up for a good night's sleep may mean changing how you spend your evenings. My nightly routine helps me wind down and gets my body ready for a restful night. Need some help building a routine that promotes sleep? Here are some ideas: Try meditation - Known to calm the mind and body, you can find some guided meditations here Magnesium - Decreases stress and...

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Sleep: Push for Quality

Any light in your bedroom from a cell phone screen to cable box is preventing you from getting hormone regulating sleep. Even when your eye lids are closed your brain is firing from the little lights and preventing the cleansing rem sleep you deserve.Benefits of sleep include regulation of hormones, curbing appetite and lowering inflammation.  Sleep helps you manage stress and decreases depression; a good set of zzzz’s will spur creativity, improve memory and increase you overall outlook on life.Sleep should be your number one priority!!Tips for Quality Sleep Use blackout window shades or an eye mask Silence your cellphone, fans or any noise generators Eliminate or cover small lights from clocks, phones or cable boxes Consider using earplugs Aim for 7-8 hours...

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The 12-Hour Fast

Ensure between dinner and breakfast you have a complete 12 hours of fasting.The first 6-8 hours after eating dinner your body is focused on digestion, however the last 4 hours are dedicated to detox and are also the most effective fat burning time (i.e. stored fat in our thighs, bums and tums).If we have any food before bedtime, or have our evening meal too late, the leptin tells the brain that no energy is required, and no fat burning will occur in the latter part of the night.So that little snack, however healthy it may have been, puts paid to any fat-burning and detox that evening.(Clean by Alejandro Junger; The Leptin Diet Byron Richards)

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