Take Responsibility as the Creator of Your Life with Jessie De Lowe #FabulousFriends



Jessie De Lowe is manifestation coach, an art therapist, a certified yoga instructor, and the co-founder of the wellness platform How You Glow. He gets into manifestation on today’s podcast, and the way he talks about it is surprising. It’s not about materialism or aspirational goals in life. It’s about getting out of your own way, living in the present moment, and harnessing joy—perfectly timely for 2020 but applicable at any time.

You will learn about...

  • How Jessie got started in her business

  • Taking the power back in your life

  • The energy of excitement

  • Getting support through your relationship and home life

  • How to create the life you want one day at a time

  • Finding the gifty in every experience

  • The tools to shift your life

  • Cultivating presence daily


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