Taking Care of Your Body to Unlock Your Life with Robin Berzin, MD from Parsley Health #WellnessWednesdays



Dr. Robin Berzin is someone I look up to personally: she is a mom of two, a functional MD, and the founder and CEO of Parsley Health — a doctor’s office that is so much more than just a doctor’s office. They look at the whole body, offering health coaching and MDs to find the root of your problems. We’re all dealing with the crisis of COVID-19 right now and looking for ways to feel our best both mentally and physically, and Robin has plenty of advice on how you can achieve that.

You will learn about...

  • (01:31) What you can do to stay healthy at home

  • (04:16) How to ditch the snacks and stop grazing

  • (07:25) The side effects of starting your day with high cortisol and insulin

  • (09:54) Thoughts about oat milk

  • (12:23) How adaptogens can support people in high stress

  • (16:41) The supplements everyone should be taking

  • (21:04) Methylated b-vitamins

  • (27:41) What it looks like to be a patient at Parsley Health

  • (34:58) The inflammatory markers to look out for

  • (38:14) How thyroid and adrenal hormones affect sex hormones

  • (41:13) Advice for supporting fertility

  • (45:42) The mixture of Western and holistic medicine


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