Taking Care of Yourself with Clean Body Products with Melissa Christenson #FabulousFriends



Melisssa Christenson is a cosmetic chemist with degrees in both chemistry and marketing, plus over two decades of experience in product development and brand management. She partners with both emerging and established brands to lead the research and development of clean and effective health, beauty, and lifestyle innovations. Leveraging the duality of her experience, she bridges the gap between R&D and marketing by crafting clean and sustainable formulations and translating technical language into consumer-friendly and value-driven benefits. She’s also the founding partner in the new natural deodorant brand, Hume Supernatural. She has all the knowledge you need to know about how to take care of yourself using clean, healthy products.

You will learn about...

  • (02:27) How Melissa got started in clean beauty

  • (08:51) How harsh ingredients are being replaced with plant-based products

  • (17:04) The processed ingredients that we do need for performance and feel

  • (27:42) Inside the regulation process for clean ingredients

  • (36:03) The potential risks of holistic, food-grade ingredients

  • (41:26) How Hume natural deodorant was developed

  • (53:47) Developing fragrances with synthetic and natural ingredients


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