The Best Friendpreneurs (& Moms) behind THE GREAT with Emily Current + Meritt Elliott #FabulousFriends



Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are female founders, celebrity stylists, and dear friends of mine. These are the boss babes behind THE GREAT, a fully-realized and cozy women's wear collection, and their passion for inclusivity and collaboration carries through to the brand. These two have also dressed some of our favorites, like Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon.

But best of all, Em and Meritt are health-conscious moms who are super down to earth — and who decided to take on the world together as best friends!

You will learn about...

  • (00:39) How Em + Meritt’s best friend love story started

  • (02:18) How do you get a job in styling?

  • (05:02) The moment Em + Meritt teamed up in business

  • (07:55) Building a brand by women for women

  • (11:15) Letting go of the Current/Elliott brand so that they could do more + what they learned in the process

  • (15:20) Co-founding a business

  • (16:00) Em + Meritt’s favorite founder-led brands

  • (19:20) How the creative process changes day to day

  • (20:30) Making time to take care of yourself when you have a ridiculous schedule + healthy lifestyle tips

  • (34:30) Taking care of yourself when you are also a caretaker

  • (36:45) What ‘body love’ means for Em + Meritt

  • (38:55) How THE GREAT celebrates inclusion


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