Biodynamic Farming 101: What You Need to Know at the Grocery Store & Farmer’s Market + How to Start Your Farm with Bubba Lamolinare



I had the pleasure of meeting Bubba Lamolinare while I was visiting Miraval Austin, where he works as the farm supervisor, and I immediately knew I had to bring him on the show.

Bubba has been farming his entire life. He grew up on a farm, created A&M’s biodynamic farming program, and worked as the Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent for Yoakum County before coming to Miraval to supervise the Cypress Creek Farm. He offers so much insight into the differences between traditional, organic, and biodynamic farming, what we should all be looking for in the produce we buy, and how we can grow our own crops using biodynamic practices.

You will learn about...

  • What it was like growing up on a rural Mississippi farm

  • Agriculture programs at universities

  • What it takes to start a fish farm, the regulations around fish farming in the United States, and what you should look for when you’re buying fish

  • Why Bubba decided to pursue biodynamic farming and what the program he started at A&M looks like

  • Planting seasonally

  • The differences between the various farming practices (and buzzwords) and what you should know when you’re looking at your food labels

  • The biodynamic farming practices being used at Miraval

  • What you can ask the farmers at your local farmer’s market to understand more about how the food they’re selling was grown

  • Soil and soil health

  • Starting your own biodynamic farm

  • Crops that are hard to mess up

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