Create Who You Want to Be: Functional Medicine 101 + Balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit with Dr. Apostolos Lekkos



When I was struggling with my health eight years ago, I was jumping around from doctor to chiropractor to acupuncturist — but nothing seemed to help. Then a good friend recommended Dr. Apostolos Lekkos, a functional medicine doctor located in Santa Monica.

I didn’t even know what functional medicine was at the time, but my experience has been life-changing! I’m not being hyperbolic at all when I say that, either, and there is no one else I trust more with my clients.

We discuss what functional medicine even is, what does and doesn’t work within the Western medical system, how he creates customized treatment plans for each individual, and how his practice has changed to look holistically at mind, body and spirit.

You will learn about...

  • (01:25) What is functional medicine?

  • (6:20) The diagnostic tools that Dr. Lekkos uses + how his practice has changed over the past few years

  • (13:30) Supplementing with glutathione: good or bad?

  • (20:20) Other supplements that Dr. Lekkos uses to address common deficiencies

  • (22:00) One thing that everyone and anyone can (and should) do to optimize their health

  • (24:30) What’s up with CBD? How do you know which products are good?

  • (29:45) How do you diagnose adrenal fatigue?

  • (32:40) How does Dr. Lekkos support clients with adrenal fatigue?

  • (33:05) Learning how to not stress + a breathing exercise you can use today

  • (35:30) Why Dr. Lekkos has shifted his practice to focus on the mind, body, and spirit (as opposed to just the body)

  • (40:45) Modalities for dealing with what you’re holding onto from childhood

  • (48:45) Why Dr. Lekkos sees a lot of potential in peptide therapy

  • (58:20) How to detoxify your environment

  • (01:01:00) How to find a functional doctor and what you should be looking for


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