How to Use Your Memory More Effectively + Maintain Cognitive Health Over Time with Dr. Jesse Rissman



Dr. Jesse Rissman is a cognitive neuroscientist who runs the Rissman Memory Lab, a cognitive neuroscience research laboratory based in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles. This is a fascinating episode exploring what anyone can do to optimize their memory and how we can use our memories more effectively, including how Dr. Rissman is using virtual reality in his lab.

You will learn about...

  • (01:05) Why Dr. Rissman decided to become a cognitive neuroscientist and how he’s able to study memory by measuring what’s going on in your brain

  • (07:20) What he is currently studying in his lab using fMRI

  • (15:15) How can we improve our memory around the experiences we want to remember? And can we lighten memories of trauma that we don’t want to be solidified in the brain?

  • (20:30) The memory phenomenon “reconsolidation”

  • (27:28) What Dr. Rissman learned about people who have diagnoses like ADD and people who are easily distractable in his post-doctoral work

  • (30:00) How you can make sure you maintain a sharp memory and don’t become too easily distracted

  • (34:13) How long can the average person pay attention to one thing? Is there any value to your mind wandering?

  • (39:50) How the Rissman Memory lab is using virtual reality to research memory

  • (47:18) Your “memory palace”

  • (56:30) How physical exercise and a healthy diet help to prevent memory decline

  • (59:30) Techniques for memory recall

  • (01:01:30) The best ways for children to learn

  • (01:05:50) New cognitive neuroscience research that Dr. Rissman is interested in


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